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Balancing College and Riding: Part 1

Being a university student is basically a full-time job, and adding riding into that mix makes for a jam packed schedule! I will be writing two posts on how I balance school and horses, with one focusing on college, and one focusing on riding. Below are my 5 tips on balancing university while still riding.


1. Schedule everything

Trew Studio 2015 Day Planner

Trew Studio 2015 Day Planner

Every Sunday I spend an hour planning out what needs to be done for the week. Everything – from school work, riding, chores and appointments – goes in my 2015 Day Planner Kit from Trew Studio. I chose this planner as I can schedule from 6am-9pm, and there is plenty of room to plan meals, workouts and organize my school work for the day.

2. Use your course syllabuses



I use these to help me schedule my week. Most professors lay out the weekly readings and assignments, as well as major papers and midterms here. This means you likely will have all of the details for assignments in advance – take advantage of these! Starting your research and paper outlines early means you can have more time in the saddle during busier parts of the semester! Many of my professors won’t answer questions about material they’ve put in the syllabus – I’ve gotten emails that just say “It’s on the syllabus.” Use it – they’re a great source of information.

3. Take advantages of resources at your college


Many colleges have writing and academic assistance centres. If you’re stuck on how to begin an essay, or want to brush up on your thesis statement skills, make an appointment! My university has a bunch of online worksheets that I use every essay to form a thesis statement, and research effectively. Also reach out to your professor or teaching assistant – they hold office hours for a reason!

4. Create a schedule that works for you

I currently only have classes two days a week, which enables me to ride 3-4x a week. The two days I do have classes are very busy, but I am able to have this schedule because I take online classes. I do at least one per semester, and I also take online summer courses, meaning I have two less credits to complete during fall and winter semesters.

5. Enjoy your time there

Pizza night with the roommates!

Pizza night with the roommates and boyfriend!

University or college isn’t just about  the academics – it’s also a fun place! Join a club, a team, and enjoy your time there. I was on the Equestrian team at my university for the past 3 years – I made some amazing friends and had a blast. This year I’ve decided to focus on my school work more, but I still have dinner with my roommates once a week, and sometimes schedule study or coffee dates with my friends. I also make an effort to use the gym at least 3x a week – amazing equipment, classes and facilities that’s all included in my student fees!

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